May 13, 2011


I would like to thank everyone for supporting me in my opportunity to travel to Iceland.
This is a list of every individual that backed my project. I can't believe I am actually going! I look forward to researching and creating video and performance works! Furthermore, I look forward to providing my backers with one-of-a-kind Washko original artworks :).

The list (in chronological backing order)!

Alexis Grabowski (CAC Woodside resident)
Eileen Murray
Hezzie Phillips (Executive Director, CAC Woodside)
Christopher Scully (Troy, NY, participant: Expert Oddities)
Lauren B (?)
Ginger Shulick (Development Manager, Flux Factory)
Jeff Stark (lots of things. all awesome. Nonsense NYC)
Sunita Prasad (CAC Woodside resident, participant: Diaristic Indulgences)
Jason Fallan (former roomate, Tyler School of Art)*
Chris Gang (Troy, NY, tech assistant: In Real Life and Expert Oddities Troy and NYC)
Chen Tamir (Executive Director, Flux Factory)
Scott Hirst (Board Member, Flux Factory)
Boryana Rossa (Troy, NY,participant: In Real Life)
Louis Cook (Tyler School of Art)
Caitlin Foley (Troy, NY)
Nathaniel Sullivan (CAC Woodside Resident, participant: Expert Oddities, Diaristic Indulgences, and Deconstructing the Habit [forthcoming])
Jay Muhlin (groupie: Expert Oddities NYC, tech assistant: Marketing and Relationships performance)
Peter Edwards (Troy, NY, participant: In Real Life and Expert Oddities NYC)
Douglas D Cooper (Tyler School of Art)
Zehra Khan (CAC Woodside Resident, participant: Deconstructing the Habit [forthcoming])
W. Kay Washko (aunt)
A. Chris Maltby (former roomate, Tyler School of Art)
Matt Washko (uncle)
Kyle Hills (Wilson High School)*
Samuel Jablon (CAC Woodside Resident)
Heather Washko (sister)
Patrick Costello (Fabric Workshop and Museum Resident)
Connie Washko (mom)
Emil S. Washko Jr. (dad)
Marion Washko (grandmom)
Emil Washko Sr. (grampy)
Carmina Cianciulli (Assistant Dean for Admissions, Tyler School of Art)
Shayna McConville (Assistant Director: Exhibitions and Public Programs, Tyler School of Art)
Edward Coolidge (Troy, NY)
Christina Vassallo (Curator, Flux Factory)
Alison Ward (Flux Factory Artist in Residence, participant: Diaristic Indulgences)
Elizabeth Larison (
Head of Administration, Flux Factory)
Michelle Levy (Director: Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, participant: Expert Oddities NYC)
Peter Barvoets (Troy, NY, participant: Expert Oddities Troy, NY)
Jaime Iglehart (
Flux Factory Artist in Residence, CAC resident)
Leona Christie (
Troy, NY, participant: Expert Oddities Troy, NY)
Mike Kaiser (college friend-Philadelphia/Tyler School of Art)
Ann Hirsch (CAC resident, participant: Expert Oddities NYC, Diaristic Indulgences, and Deconstructing the Habit [forthcoming])
Royah Ansari (Troy, NY)
Theresa Kitch (Student Services Coordinator, Tyler School of Art)
Paolo Pedercini (Troy, NY, participant: Why Participate?)
Ranjit Bhatnagar (participant: Expert Oddities NYC)
Rob Ray (Troy, NY)
Caroline Corrigan
(Troy, NY)
Jean Barberis (Artistic Director, Flux Factory)
Andrea Calderise (Tyler School of Art, CAC resident)
John Olsen (former roomate, Tyler School of Art)
Anthony Giannini (CAC resident)
Corey Aldrich (Troy, NY, current board member CAC Woodside)
Karel Bunker (Wilson High School)
Su-Shan Lai (cousin!)
Martina Mrongovius (Flux Factory participating artist)
Priscilla P. Stadler (CAC resident)
Sheila Whitsett (Tyler School of Art, Produce Exhibitions)
Carolina Redondo (
Artist-in-Residence, Flux Factory)
Brendan Coyle (Flux Factory participating artist)
Meg Sullivan
(CAC resident)
Katherine (?)
Misha Rabinovich (Troy, NY)
Alaric Busher (childhood neighbor)
Rachelle Smith-Stallman (Troy, NY)
Matt Levy (Wilson High School)
Stephen Derrickson (chance-meeting: Troy, NY)
Man Bartlett (
Artist-in-Residence, Flux Factory)
Samson Contompasis (Director, Marketplace Gallery, Albany NY)
Kara Jefts (Troy, NY, participant: Expert Oddities Troy NY, founder: The Bettys)
Shannon Amidon
Emily Cobb (Tyler School of Art)
Kate Bae (CAC resident)
Karen Faith
(CAC resident)
Rachel Carter (Troy, NY)
Maura Marcks
(Troy, NY)
Bernard Klevickas (participant: Expert Oddities NYC)
Emily Zimmerman (Troy, NY)
Georgia Muenster (
Exhibitions Manager and Communications Coordinator, Flux Factory)
Matthew Kane [aka Disposable Rocket Band!!!] (
Troy, NY)
Meagan Cignoli
Alex Young (CAC resident, participant: Expert Oddities NYC, and Expert Oddities Troy NY, Artist-In-Residence @Flux Factory)
Emmy Carter (former Assistant Director, CAC Woodside)
Stefan Abrams (professor, Tyler School of Art)
Anna Lundh (Artist-In-Residence, Flux Factory)
Debra Kantner (childhood neighbor)

I thought it was interesting to track the affiliations that I have with my community and what I can trace it back to. Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside in Troy NY, the citizens of the city of Troy itself, Flux Factory, artists that participate in the events that I coordinate, family, and Tyler School of Art (the undergraduate institution I attended) have provided the most support for my projects and I am really excited to be/have been a participant in these groups.